Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I took Lily to the Bulls game on Monday night. I had an unredeemed season ticket and she had a voucher from school. We had a happy surprise in that there were fireworks afterward. This motivated us to stay for the whole game.

We got to see a great game because both starting pitchers were on rehab assignments. The Bulls ended up winning 3-1. I think the highlight of the game for Lily was John Jaso's solo shot to right. They still light up the bull's eyes and get the smoke going out of the nostrils even when the home run does not hit the bull. She really liked that.

Of course, the fireworks were the big hit. At first she plugged her ears, but then she got brave. She was pretty surprised by the two loud ones at the end. The show lasted for two songs -- Celebration by Kool and the Gang and then Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. They played Sweet Caroline because the Bulls were playing the Red Sox. The Boston folks were pretty happy.

What really encourages me is that Lily sat still enough for me to keep score in the program. I didn't do my usual pitch-by-pitch, which felt a little strange. She is very intrigued by keeping score and wants to do it herself next time. I'm excited to show her how.