Monday, June 20, 2011

Top Ten Lists

Amanda made me cards with the kids' "Top Ten Reasons You are the Best Dad." Here  is Noah's list:

  1. You kiss me
  2. You squeezie me
  3. You play Force Unleashed
  4. You take me out for milkshakes
  5. You let me play at Dick's Sporting Goods
  6. You take me to get a cookie at Sam's Club
  7. You and I look around at Play N Trade
  8. You bowl with me
  9. You look for Goldbug with me at bedtime
  10. You build campfires
Here is Lily's list:
  1. You let me play with your iPod Touch
  2. You take me out on dates
  3. You play Playstation 2 games with me
  4. You show me how to roller skate
  5. You make the best chocolate chip cookies
  6. You take us to Doggie Day Camp/Petsmart to see the pets
  7. You take us to get samples at Sam's Club
  8. You tickle me
  9. You have a goofy smile
  10. You give me piggyback rides to bed
I feel pretty good about these. Amanda said that the kids just brainstormed and came up with them.