Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boys' Night Out

Noah had a free Red Robin kids meal coming to him, so he and I went out last night. At first Lily was mad but then I pointed out that she and I went to a baseball game last week. Amanda tried to convince her to see "Soul Surfer" at the cheap movies, but Lily didn't like the idea of seeing a movie about a girl who lost an arm. Like so many other things, it "creeped her out."

Noah had a great time at Red Robin, particularly because we were near a TV with ESPN on it. I kept hearing, "Look Dad! Tennis!" or "Look Dad! Soccer!" Plus, the meal ended with some of the wait staff singing to him and giving him a hot fudge sundae. He really enjoyed that.

Afterwards we headed over to AMF Lanes for some free bowling. Noah used an 8 pound ball with the ramp and we had much better results than usual. He bowled a 135 in the second game, which included 2 strikes and 4 spares. He really enjoyed that and kept yelling to the folks next to us whenever he would get a strike or a spare. They thought he was adorable like most people do. I was pretty happy with my 158 too.

It was a good night of hanging out with my son. Got to love free bowling!