Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Pook!

We celebrated four years of Noah yesterday. Fortunately, the schedule worked out so that I could work from home. I got an early start so that when he woke up we went out to get donuts. We started at Kroger, but they said that they didn't have any sprinkles and were waiting for the truck. That made no sense to me, but fortunately Lowe's took care of us. That got his day started off right.

After much time on the Wii, Noah went to the park to play with his friend Scott. They came back after lunch and then played more Wii. We eventually went bowling as a family and the kids enjoyed their cheap kids meals through the free bowling program. We came home and enjoyed some great cupcakes before bed.

Noah said that the day was a good one. To him, the highlight is that he is now the proud owner of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. He enjoyed all of his gifts, but that was the highlight.

Now it's back to normal life with only 30 minutes of time on the Wii each day. It can't be your birthday every day.