Thursday, June 23, 2011

At the Park

This was Amanda's Wednesday to have the kids, so they hung out at North Cary Park. Sadly, they could not get any of Lily's friends to come for various reasons. It was not for a lack of trying. Lily expected to be very bored because none of her friends were going to come. Fortunately, she had a good time after all.

The kids spent most of their time playing in the creek. I think this is something that they boys particularly love. It's also times like this when we are thankful for Crocs. I still say that grownups should never be seen in public with them on, but they are wonderful for kids. Noah loved splashing in the creek and I think the others did as well.

Amanda said it was very hot when they trudged back up the hill around lunchtime, but overall it was a good time. Today should be another fun day as they're supposed to go to Scott's pool. Noah claims he is going to go down the slide this time. Amanda said that this is the first time he volunteered this, so perhaps he actually will. Time will tell.