Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Butterflies

Amanda and Noah had quite a day yesterday. It started with 9:00 AM playdate at Bond Park. This was Amanda's week to watch a friend's kids, which she likes to do at a park when possible. This week they added Noah's friend Scott to the mix so that his mom could work at his older brother's field day. Amanda said that everything went really well, though Noah did push Scott down once. Noah got a timeout for that one. There's a fine line between physical play and being too rough and Noah and Scott don't have very good boundaries for that.

After they finished at the park they headed over to Aunt Tiff's pool to hang out with her, Aunt Nat, and Clark. They spent a good bit of the afternoon there. Noah is getting braver in the water and went so far as to dunk his head completely under. Amanda plans for him to get some swim lessons this summer along with Scott.

Lily got to eat dinner at Katie's house, which led to greater peace in the afternoon. After Amanda, Noah, and I finished dinner we all went to the Streets and Southpoint so Amanda could do a little shopping. The kids got to bed a little bit late, but overall it was a good day. Today should be a little more calm since all Amanda wants to do is work on an end-of-year gift for Mrs. Slocum.