Monday, June 27, 2011

Church Picnic

Yesterday was a very social one. We went to church at a tiny church not far from our old one. It is possible that we will be able to use this building for our church plant, which would be great. The sanctuary is a bit smaller than the church Amanda grew up in, but the style (and the smell) of the building is extremely similar. To give you an idea of what the church is like, Amanda and I increased the attendance to 9. It would have been 10, but Rob's wife worked with the kids. We hope we can partner with these folks and use this great old building to further God's Kingdom.

After that we had a picnic with most of the core group for our church plant. It was great to put some faces with names and get to know these folks a little bit. The kids had a great time, though after they were done playing everyone dove for the water. It was pleasant in the shade of the pavilion, but pretty hot in the sun.

Once we got home from that Amanda and I crashed a little bit. We had dinner, did bath time, and put the kids to bed. It was nice to crash after the picnic. We're starting to get this 18-wheeler moving, but getting through the first few gears is tough.