Monday, June 27, 2011


Saturday was a big day here. I left the house early for a meeting about the church plant. I got home around noon and then we went to the local bowling alley around 1:30. Noah's friends from preschool were there as well as his friend Reid from Wednesday mornings. His friend John who is a year older than him also came.

We only had them bowl a single game, which was more than enough for most of them. We discovered that Noah can carry a 9-pound ball, even if he can't throw it. That does a little better on the ramp as it has a little more momentum to push through the oil near the pins. I think that will be his ball of choice in the future. Amanda and I didn't bowl, but we did play host. I helped all the boys with the ramp and Amanda made sure everyone was fed and enjoyed some lemonade.

After we finished bowling everyone hung out in the arcade for a while. I think everyone got to go home with some cheesy little prize in addition to the T-shirts that Amanda made for everyone. One of Noah's friends from preschool is obviously a veteran of birthday parties as he asked, "Do we get a goody bag?" He was thrilled with his T-shirt and wanted to wear it immediately.

Noah really enjoyed the party and is enjoying his gifts. Now if we can just get he and Lily to stop fighting over the lightsaber.