Monday, June 6, 2011

Picnic and a Party

The first week in June is usually quite celebratory around here. We had Amanda's celebration on Saturday and our nice Brenna's yesterday. Brenna turned 6, which is kind of hard to believe sometimes. We started off our day as usual with pancakes and then church. After church we took a picnic to Apex Community Park. Noah was quite intrigued by the fact that they have batting cages there. They don't have pitching machines, but they do have the nets for pitching BP. We saw one father and son playing catch in one section, which is a great idea since balls tend to get loose and the nets would keep them from rolling too far away.

After our picnic we went to the McKenzies' and had some cookie cake and ice cream. We gave Brenna a snorkel set for her birthday, which seemed to be a hit. The ladies and Noah went to the pool while the uncles and dads stayed home and watched baseball. Apparently the only time Brenna took off the snorkel was when she let Lily borrow it. I guess we can call that a successful gift.

We came home and I took the kids back out to do a little last-minute shopping for Amanda's birthday. She is enjoying her kayak, but I think she should have something to open tomorrow. The kids got to eat out, which seems to be the most important thing to them.

Today should feature a trip to Noah's friend Scott's pool. Nathan may be coming too, but I'm not sure. All this sun and water helps to tire him out, which is good. Plus, we're fortunate that our children have a lot more melanin in their skin than I do. They wear sunscreen, but they still get a nice tan. You'll find me with a hat and under an umbrella.