Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving On

Friday was a big day for Lily. It was the end of second grade, which is a milestone to be sure. We understand that third grade is going to be tougher and more will be expected of her regarding personal responsibility. That is likely to be her biggest challenge. The good news is that she finished second grade very well. She got a 3* in reading and 4s in both math and science. They gave us the results of some kind of standardized reading test and she scored well above her grade for reading. Once again, we give a lot of credit to her teacher Mrs. Slocum who forced her to read a lot this year. She has developed a hunger for books, which is something that is kind of expected in our household.

The other big thing is that she lost another tooth. This was the incisor on her left next to her front teeth. Now her smile is symmetrical, which is good. She is kind of at a Hermione Granger stage where she needs to grow into her front teeth. That is not the big deal though. What is a big deal is that she didn't want to leave the tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. She had a long conversation where she accused Amanda of putting money under her pillow. Amanda could honestly say that she never put money under Lily's pillow. Lily is on to us though. That's fine with me, though it is one more way in which she is growing up.