Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stormy Day

Amanda took the kids to the free movies today. They got to see "Charlotte's Web." Lily didn't like how it ended very well, but obviously there is a good lesson in there for her. For a little kid she has a pretty good sense of what dying is about as she has been to the funerals of two great-grandparents. Noah was pretty good through most of the movie, but at the end he got mad when Amanda wouldn't let him eat food off of the floor. She had to take him out and wait for everyone to get out.

At lunchtime he and Lily made a huge mess of the play-doh. Noah got banished to his crib and Lily had to write sentences. Amanda tried to nap, but Lily kept coming in to see if she was doing the sentences correctly. Meanwhile, Noah slept very little.

In the evening Noah was extremely clingy when Amanda tried to cook dinner. He got sent to his crib again. Also at some point he got a hold of a marker and wrote on the walls and the floor. Fortunately, the magic eraser did the trick, but Noah still was a mess. I had to give him a bath tonight since he has his doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Keeping with the title of this post, I had an interesting sailing lesson. We learned how to gybe today. I actually felt like I was getting the hang of handling the boat when the wind picked up. I was trying to bring it back in, but I capsized. Since I did that yesterday I knew just what to do. I swam around to the other side and pulled on the daggerboard. I think my sail was stuck in the mud because I couldn't budge. Eventually it did start to right itself, but as it was coming up I realized that I was also drifting toward another boat that was stuck on the dock. I abandoned ship and swam away.

I couldn't get myself up on the dock, so I realized that I had a little problem. Meanwhile, my boat slipped away from the other one and it upset that boat enough that its pilot went in the drink too. I swam over to a rowboat on the dock, climbed in, and then with the help of another student we pulled the lady out of the water. The three of us watched the carnage out on the lake. It seemed that everyone had gone in at least once, including our instructor. Many got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by motorboat.

The sad thing is that I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it. And then the wind died down at the end, so it was actually pretty good for sailing. The only problem at the end is that the wind kept changing. Nevertheless, it ended up being quite an adventure.

Let's hope tomorrow is a calmer day all around.