Sunday, March 14, 2010

Short Night

We had something of a short night last night because of the time change.  Noah was awake at 4:45 EDT and screaming because he really had to pee.  In fact, it was another firehose moment.  I put him in underpants and had both of them go back to sleep.  The good news is that their clock never got changed and they think it is still 6:25 right now.

Grandma Judy watched them while Amanda and I went to the spring banquet for the seminary.  The banquet was great.  As student council secretary the banquet was mine to do.  I had a fun time being the MC.  I got a few laughs, which was my goal.  We also enjoyed a really good meal and some nice fellowship.  Amanda had a good time, which was new for her at one of these events.  She knows some of the wives now and enjoyed chatting with some of the ladies.

The report was not as good here.  As grandma discovered, watching the kids requires a certain amount of energy and flexibility.  They weren't too bad for her, but they did wear her out a little bit.  We look forward to a fun day together today.  I just hope I can get a nap in at some point.