Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feel Like Dancing

I had class this morning from 7-9 for a directed study I'm doing with two other guys.  We meet at these weird times so as to inconvenience our families as little as possible.  Overall, that did the trick here too, though Amanda did have to deal with all 3 kids this morning before dance class.  Brenna ended up joining Lily in dance class and had a good time.  I walked around with the Pook.

After class we came back here for the girls to change clothes.  I consider it a big win that I got Noah to leave a deposit in the toilet.  We then went to the mall to return something to one of the stores and for the kids to ride the carousel.  Then we went to Barnes & Noble because Noah really wanted to play on a train table.  Finally, we came back home for lunch.

Overall, it has been a pretty good time with Brenna here.  Brenna has been fine.  Lily has been a little bossy with her from time to time.  Also, they were offered doughnuts this morning, but they couldn't stop talking in bed last night and blew it.  Lily was really unhappy about that.  We'll keep dangling the carrot until they both get it.