Monday, July 30, 2007

The Beach

I am back from the whirlwind time at the beach. I am glad to say that Lily seems to be more comfortable with the ocean than she was last year. Unfortunately, I gave her a really bad introduction to the ocean. I took her down to the beach as soon as we arrived and I didn't think to hold her hand in the 1 inch wave that swept over her feet. She lost her balance and plopped down on the wet sand. Naturally, being Lily, this led to an ocean of tears and a complete fear of going in the water.

This year went much better. I held her hand at first and then she grew more confident. Of course, she's stronger on her feet now, so the waves weren't as much of a problem. In fact, she began to get really confident and started running in the shallow waves. As she got even more confident she would go down on all fours and splash around in the waves. Unfortunately, one got the better of her and rolled her around. She came up sputtering a bit (though we did discuss breath holding) and her eyes stung from the salt water. She then became more cautious.

It's good to see her overcome her fears and enjoy the water a little bit. She's still very tentative in the pool, despite wearing a suit that ensures she will float. Hopefully by the end of the week she will be more confident in the pool too. Of course, any fear she has in the water can be blamed on me rather than her mom. Amanda is an excellent swimmer and has been since she was very young. I can keep myself up, but I would hardly call myself a swimmer.

Everyone seems to be enjoying Lily and Noah. It's kind of sad to be home alone, but the tranquility is nice too :)