Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Explanation

I got an email back from Lily's PE teacher (and then ran into him at Aldi as well). He explained that Lily always gives her best in PE and that he really appreciates that. He also said that she always follows directions while some of the kids can get a little rambunctious during PE time. He appreciates that, so he bumped her grade a little bit.

It would be nice if Lily had that attitude about jogging with Amanda. Sometimes we wonder if we're pushing her too hard with this. She always has a horrible attitude when she starts, but then is sunny when she finishes. She usually announces that it was not a big deal by the time she finishes. Of course, anyone who has done much exercise can attest that is pretty normal. I rarely want to go out when I run in the morning, but I'm always glad I did when I finish.

We've decided that she is only going to have to do this until she can run the full loop without stopping. That is going to take several months at the rate she is increasing the time she runs, so we'll have time for this. Once she's done that she can choose to continue or stop. We hope that she will want to continue.