Saturday, January 28, 2012

Koalaty Kid

Lily's school has a koala for a mascot and they have a bi-annual assembly to give out "koalaty kid" awards. Lily won the citizenship award in kindergarten and the math award in first grade. Yesterday she got one for reading. I took the afternoon off and really enjoyed seeing her sing in the "choir" and receive her major award (she's more or less in the middle of this video).

We also got her report card. She got a 3* in every subject except writing. For those of you who don't know the way they grade now, I'm not sure if Stephen Hawking could get a 4 in science. It seems like 3* is pretty much the ceiling for most kids, so we're very happy about this. She managed to get a 4 in PE for "Content." We have no idea what that means and I think I may email the PE teacher just to ask. It's hard to imagine Lily getting a 4 in PE.

Anyhow, we're very proud of this. Her teacher loves having her in her class. I think we're going to celebrate with a lunch at the Japanese steak house. It's a fun time with the kids and Lily loves it. Hopefully Noah won't be quite as scared this time.