Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work from Home

As Ernie used to say, "Don't you just love it when a plan falls together?" Of course, that was a quote, but it was one of his favorite lines, starting on their wedding day. Today was one of those days for us.

Amanda went to bed thinking that she might be getting sick and woke up with confirmation. She has had a sinus headache all day. Fortunately, in God's providential care, I worked from home today. I got the kids ready for school (though Lily pointed out that I failed to give them the inspection at 8:00 AM) and got Noah to preschool. Noah has a standing playdate with his friends Nathan and Scott (aka The Three Amigos) which was in jeopardy, but Nathan's mom picked up Noah from preschool and brought him back here at 2:45. He's happily using his electronics time now.

This evening we have our first small group meeting, so I will likely be taking the kids while Amanda convalesces. I'm baking chocolate-chip cookies, so I know that no matter what happens it will be a good time overall. Won't Noah be excited to find that he will be playing Wii or watching videos there.