Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a Chore

As I wrote before, Amanda has implemented a schedule for the kids and for herself. This way the various household chores get done. It's gone well so far. The house is a lot more orderly and the kids know what they are getting into each day. Amanda prepared lists for them and so far, so good.

What's really great is that when either of them give Amanda any trouble she can assign extra chores. For example, Lily ended up washing the wallpaper and the baseboards by the kitchen table the other day. She actually seemed to enjoy doing it. We don't need for her to be miserable since we're just glad that she's doing the job.

Of course, we still have moments of hysteria from both of them. Noah tends to sob and run away when he gets into trouble. Lily can still throw herself a pretty good fit when the mood strikes. Nevertheless, overall it has been pretty good. Around the first of the year Amanda suggested that anyone who yells needs to put money in the jar. I feel like the various tantrums are easier to manage when we don't yell. Meanwhile, there are days when I think Lily will be able to single-handedly feed a whole village.