Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow Day

We had our first snowfall of the winter Sunday night. Amanda and I were watching some Star Trek and the rain started sounding really intense. Turns out that is because it was transforming from rain to sleet to ice pellets to snow. By the morning we had upwards of a half-inch of snow on the grass.

The kids were off school anyway for President's Day, but were still thrilled with the snow. They ate breakfast as quickly as they could so they could enjoy it. Lily begged me to get a fire going, so we had one as early as 8:30 AM. I got a bunch of wood from our neighbor, so we kept a fire going all day, though I had a couple of times when it needed to be resurrected. I never had to add paper though!

Lily enjoys the snow, but as with many things lacks a certain amount of toughness. She compensated by doubling-up her cloth gloves. She then kept coming in to rotate them. She would put 2 pairs on the fireplace glass to warm up and then wear the other 2 pairs. Meanwhile, Noah just went with his one pair. I don't know if that is being tough or just a boy who doesn't realize that you can address discomfort.

The big drama came when Noah got Lily in the face with a snowball. We explained to her that is the ideal shot in a snowball fight. Amanda then went on to explain how the worst is when someone puts a snowball down your collar. Lily took this information, made a snowball. pulled Noah's hood off, and jammed a snowball down his neck. Amanda was a little upset, but as I thought about it I defended Lily's ignorance to a degree. We forgot to tell her that it is a really rotten thing to do. She was sorry about it and Noah was then done with the snow.

The day ended up being sunny with a high around 50, so the only snow left was behind the house on the north side. It was fun while it lasted. I'll take that over lingering ice anytime.