Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Amanda made valentines for the kids this year by taking some photos and doing some clever arranging with Publisher. Lily thought it was a fine idea at first, but then when she thought it through she got upset because the cards read "LOVE." She was afraid that some people in her class would get the wrong idea.

There is still that one boy in her class who has a severe crush on her. I asked Lily if Christian Cooper tried to walk her home today. She of course didn't get the reference, but that never stops me.

She did report that Christian Cooper had a particularly nice valentine for Mrs. Dunbar. He crossed out Mrs. Dunbar's name, wrote in Lily, and tried to give it to her. Lily refused, so he put it back how it was. I suspect that Lily has the honor of being the first girl to like this boy as a friend.

On Sunday as we drove around town I played my blues station on Pandora. Lily wondered why the singers sounded "so mean about girls." I explained about how they had their hearts broken and were sad. I also cautioned Lily about to whom she gives her affections because these are the effects after breaking things off. We'll talk more later.