Sunday, October 31, 2010


Noah had his first ever birthday party for a friend yesterday.  Shawn from preschool invited him and there were a lot of his preschool cronies there as well.  Amanda said that he had a tough time getting into the flow of the party and was quite clingy.  He had a pretty good time overall, but he was not at his best.  But this is one of the main reasons why he is in preschool so he can get more social time.  Amanda said that the saddest part happened when Noah pulled the string on the piñata, broke it, but didn't understand about grabbing candy.  He ended up with very little and in fact got hit on the head when Shawn's mom threw more candy into the ground.  It's a shame that they didn't have a regular piñata since Noah is pretty adept with a bat/club.

Meanwhile, I took Lily on something of a daddy/daughter date.  We drove out to Knightdale to pick up a new kitchen table and chairs.  We've been looking on Craigslist for months and finally found something appropriate.  Then Lily and I checked out a new game store in Knightdale that I highly recommend.  I told the owner that I had seen his ad but that I didn't have the coupon with me.  Yet he gave me 25% off as if I had the coupon.  That was good and something I want to make sure I tell the world.  I like it when local game stores flourish.  If you're in that part of town you should check them out.

I think I'm going to take Noah out today.  He wants to play some Skee-Ball.  Of course, that means him throwing the balls around or not quite up the ramp and me ultimately playing Skee-Ball, but that's OK.  He'll have fun either way.  I know that I will, particularly if I can find my 10,000 point groove.