Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fair Night

I took my bride to the NC State Fair last night to see Casting Crowns in concert.  Frankly, I am starting to sour a bit on the whole CCM scene because so much of it is saccharine.  But I have to say that they put on a pretty good show.  They weren't real high on showmanship (Third Day is very much worth seeing in that respect as are the Newsboys).  The performances were basically like listening to a mix tape of their big hits, just really really loud.  But it was great to pray with them and hear about their heart for the church.  Plus, I really enjoyed my piece of deep-fried pecan pie before the show.

Uncle Bill sat with the kids.  He of course got sucked into playing Wii with them.  He said that the kids behaved well, which is all we could ask for.


The Tree Swing said...

Question ? I want to go see chris tomlin this coming week. Do I also have to pay to get into the fair ontop of what I paid to see Chris ?

We went on Friday during the day, great weather and wasnt to crowded.

Ryans parents went with us, it was nice since they've never gone with Logan and Ava and this was probably their last year going.

Logan is getting more brazen with his ride choices !

Jason said...

Yes, I'm afraid that you have to pay to get into the fair as well as the show.