Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Ghandi

We're having a rough week with lunches.  Lily has yet to eat a lunch.  She says that she finds the time to eat her lunch when she buys, but somehow she gets distracted when she packs.  Therefore, she is going to pack until she figures it out.  We've also raised the stakes with Isabella.  If she misses a meal once between now and next Friday Isabella is gone forever.  I even went so far as to print a picture of Isabella with a note reminding Lily that Isabella wants to come home and be with her.  That didn't help today.

Besides that, things are pretty good.  Lily ran in the Spirit Sprint today and managed either 18 or 19 laps (we're not sure).  Amanda was there to help hand out rubber bands to the kids and said that Lily ran really well.  The kids get a rubber band after every lap.  The course they run is very small, but it's still a big improvement for Lily. Thank you to those who supported her.  Our contribution tipped her into the $101+ category, so she is getting lots of prizes.  The only one she really cares about is the one everyone gets -- a Chick-Fil-A sandwich coupon.  The girl knows what she likes.