Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Weekend

I apologize for the blog silence, but it's been a busy time since my last.  Saturday was full of Ohio State football and church.  Sunday had pancakes and some errands.  First, we visited Isabella at my office to feed her.  I was off for Columbus Day yesterday, so the long weekend would have been too much.  Then we did some of our usual stuff like Doggy Day Camp, Play N Trade, etc.  The highlight for Lily was stopping at Target to use some birthday money.  She got herself a Disney princess whose outfit changes color in the bath.  The highlight of the day was Amanda being home when we got back.

Yesterday I did homework in the morning and then went to Durham to donate platelets in the afternoon.  By the time I got back I had to get Lily from the bus and then take her to ballet.  I managed to drag Noah along even though he was barely awake from his nap.  It's kind of funny to see him all dazed.

Today should be a busy one too.  Amanda is watching Noah's friends Reid and Halle today.  Lily has a doctor's appointment.  Then in the evening she is taking Lily, Noah, and Brenna to see Veggie Tales Live at our church.  Meanwhile, I will have class.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more mellow.