Thursday, October 14, 2010

All is Well

Amanda survived her whirlwind day on Tuesday, though it was pretty exhausting.  Lily's doctor's appointment went very well, though she was not happy to get a shot.  They gave her a Hep A shot.  We realize that the chances of her getting Hep A are pretty slim, but if she were to get it she would be sick for three months.  It seemed like a minute of discomfort was worth it.  Lily is now exactly average for height and weight.  She is in the 50-70 percentile for both.  I don't have her exact dimensions handy, but she's right about at 48 inches.  This is pretty good for someone who was historically a tiny peanut.

The kids enjoyed Veggie Tales Live.  Apparently the show went a bit long because they had some sound board problems at the beginning.  But the kids enjoyed it, particularly Lily and Brenna.  Noah enjoyed it too, but was getting antsy near the end.  The kids got to bed late, but I think they considered it a worthwhile sacrifice.

I dragged Lily and Noah to Sam's Club yesterday evening, but we did enjoy some ice cream there.  It's certainly a cheap place to get dessert.  And it's also a lot lower-key at Sam's on a Wednesday evening than Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Lily doesn't like going to Sam's anymore, but ice cream seems to help.