Thursday, October 21, 2010

Isabella, We Hardly Knew Ye

So it's come down to this.  I told Lily that she had to eat her lunch today, tomorrow, and all next week or she would never see Isabella again.  It didn't happen.  I sent her grapes and chicken salad.  She loves chicken salad, particularly from Sam's.  That's what it was, but she didn't eat it because she said that she couldn't remember what it tasted like and she doesn't want to eat anything when she doesn't remember how it tastes.  The good news is that she managed to get through 7 grapes today instead of the 3 she did the other day.

I've found a couple of potential good homes for Isabella, so I feel better about that than flushing her.  I had thought about offering her to Brenna, but the point was for Lily not to see her again.  And so it ends.

Lily is learning about consequences for her actions.  She was crying that, "I want Isabella!" and I kept telling her, "Apparently not.  If you did, you would have eaten your lunch."  I think she's starting to make the connection.  Like all of us, she wants things both ways (I would love to be fit without exercising, educated without reading books, etc), but she is learning that life doesn't work that way.