Saturday, October 9, 2010

Corn Maze

I took the kids to the corn maze last night.  The maze seemed a little tougher than last year's.  We did fairly well finding the various stations and we took a community approach in shamelessly asking others where they found some of the stations we needed.  The goal of the maze is to get a punch at each of the ten stations on a sheet that they give you when you start.

Lily got pretty tired of walking in the maze and I offered to have us quit, but she wanted to press on.  I was very proud of her.  Fortunately, we still had sunshine when we finished.  I am very glad that we went last night instead of on Sunday when the high is supposed to be in the low 80s.  It gets kind of hot with Noah on my shoulders.

We also took advantage of the other things at the farm.  We took a very mellow hayride, which both kids enjoyed.  Lily was asking me questions about farming that pushed the limits of my expertise.  Fortunately, I can tell the difference between a cow and a horse.  I also know what a cow patty looks like from firsthand experience.  But when we start getting into "what's that" when she sees farm equipment that gets pulled behind a tractor I have to start guessing.  Next time we go on a hayride at a working farm we need either Grandpa Gary or Nana around as consultants.

Lily really enjoyed the big inflatable.  They had one with a long obstacle course that finished with a climbing wall and slide.  Noah decided to do it.  He kept trying to stop with the climbing wall, but I talked him into doing it.  He kind of wiped out at the bottom of the slide, which was a bit of a sour end.  Nevertheless, I was extremely proud of his courage in climbing what had to be about a 12 foot wall.  He's a lot braver than Lily was at 3.  For that matter, he's a lot braver than I was at 3 too.

Today should be a fairly mellow day.  We need to hit Sam's.  We're probably going to watch the OSU game online.  Then we will spend all afternoon and early evening at church while I serve at the bookstore.  Lily is still unsure about intersection (the class for kids who have to be there for 2 service), but I think she will have fun.  I also think I'll find Noah glued to the big TV.