Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tale of the Tape

Noah had his well-child visit today.  He is 37 3/4 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds.  I'm not sure what his reach is as they didn't record that for us.

He is perfectly healthy.  He saw Dr. Adams, who may be the most laid-back pediatrician in the world, though I don't think he is related to Michael McKean.  It's probably a bit of an exaggeration when he describes our children as "perfect," but he does suit our style.  He was impressed when Noah did his vision test.  They don't have letters for the little guys and gals, so they have shapes.    Noah was supposed to identify a house, but when asked what he saw he said, "a PENTAGON!"  Dr. Adams asked Lily if she taught him that and she said that she didn't, but she taught him what a rhombus is.

Meanwhile, Lily is about to lose one of her front teeth.  It wiggles sideways a little and it will also go forward nicely.  When she smiles she has a distinctly redneck look about her.  I would be surprised if she still has it on Monday.


The Tree Swing said...

awe how cute.

dr adams used to be cool to us but since Logans diagnoses he wants to pretend hes normal when certain situations arrise at the dr .like certain noises and things. SO we see Dr baer and the guys with the beard,lol oh yeah dr horowitz

I think dr adams feels guilt that he kept telling us there was NO way logan had autism, then he was diagnosed, I could tell Dr Adams was quite upset when we had told him Logan was

we are actually looking into other dr's that will take all 4 of us and not shuffle us in like herds, get them in and out !

sorry to ramble, have a great weekend with the kids