Saturday, August 28, 2010


Last night was my seminary's fall convocation.  We have one of these at the beginning of each semester to get together and kick things off.  Amanda had a prior commitment, so I had to take the kids.  They had childcare for kids up to 5, which meant that Lily had to be with me.

I managed to sell the event to her pretty well.  I told her that she could get dressed up, which she did.  Amanda did her hair with a braid on one side and it looked very cute.  She enjoyed the food we had for dinner and the dessert was incredible.  Then she helped me pass out programs for the service.  We sat down in front because as the student council president I had to give a brief welcome to the students.  She was excited that I was going to speak, but I think the anticipation was better than the event.

The only problem was that the service took about 90 minutes between the singing, the updates on how the seminary is doing, introductions of faculty, and then the fairly brief message our guest speaker gave us.  Lily played games on my iPod Touch, which was OK except that she periodically let out a little noise when she would lose a game of Connect Four.  Overall, she did well.

Meanwhile, Noah did his regular act of crying when getting dropped off, but he settled down and had fun.  He said that he bowled.  I don't know if there were actual bowling pins or if he made something up.  If it can stand vertically it can be a bowling pin to Noah.  Either way, he had a good time.  The kids didn't get to bed until around 9:30 and are still in bed now.

Today should be a very busy one for us, but it will be filled with fun things.  More on that tomorrow.