Friday, August 6, 2010

Forced Withdrawl

Sadly, our Wii is out for repairs.  Apparently it's fairly common for them to have problems reading discs after a while.  That's what we're seeing with ours, so I sent in to Nintendo for repair.  Others who have had the same problem say that it will be back in a week or so and good as new.  It's a little frustrating, but these are the risks you take with buying something off of craigslist.  Even with the cost of the repair we're still way ahead on the deal with all that came with the Wii.

Noah doesn't necessarily see things the same way.  This morning he asked me if I fixed the batteries in the Wii remote controls last night.  He remembers when we couldn't play the Wii because I had to recharge the batteries.  I explained that the Wii is gone for now.  I think it's slowly sinking in.

It is becoming clear that we are going to have to ration exposure to the Wii like we do with videos.  I can't imagine where my son got such an addictive personality for video games.


The Tree Swing said...

gack, yeah I just read an article one of the top ten things to not buy used or consoles BUT at least yours is getting fixed.

If you all want to borrow some games let me know. we have just dance, that lily might like BUT we are careful what we let the kids dance to cause some of the moves are a little to old for them but its great to watch the kids and ryan dance to the songs,