Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Daze

I took the kids to Lazy Daze yesterday.  This is Cary's annual art festival.  I'm not sure where someone got the the idea to have an outdoor art festival in late August, but that's the tradition and it is a big deal in these parts.  The weather was less oppressively hot than usual, but it was still hot even in the morning.  The whole point was so that Lily could try a funnel cake.  We split it three ways.  She enjoyed it, but hopefully we won't have to get another one anytime soon.

We saw a great magician in the kids' booth.  Noah didn't like it very well, but he was getting hot and antsy.  We met a town councilman who is running for NC House and we visited the booth of another.  It was nice to talk to some candidates I support.  Somehow it feels a bit more "real" at the local level like that.  Lily and Noah were happy to get balloons and Lily enjoyed the fan we got.  Every year the various candidates pass out fans with their campaign logo on them.  Good plan for a hot day, I say.

We came home, had a small lunch, and then Noah took a nap while I did some work on my thesis.  We went to church and then attended a surprise party for one of Amanda's good friends.  There were a lot of kids there and Lily had fun in the pool.  Noah had fun playing with my iPod Touch.  It was another late night for the kids though as they were not in bed until 9:00.  Lily slept in a little bit this morning and Noah is still sleeping.

Hopefully we can take advantage of the slightly cooler weather today and do something fun outside.


The Tree Swing said...

We went at 9am. We were VERY disappointed. There usually is this vendor who sells these trees be makes out of wire ( we have 2 of these now, starting a collection ) this vendor was NOT there this year and I cannot for the life of me remember the guys name.

We had an extra kid this weekend, so 3 whining they were hot was to much, so we left after an hour !