Monday, August 9, 2010

Date Day

I took Lily out for something of a daddy-daughter date yesterday.  We left around 1:00 and did not get back until 4:00.  The highlights were shopping for a new leotard and getting yogurt at Marmalade Skies.  We also had fun at a local used book store.  I had wanted to check the store out for a while and it seemed like a good opportunity.  Lily had fun reading while I browsed.  It's great that she can actually read now.

This was not Lily's first choice of how to spend the afternoon, but she went along with it.  She is very much interested in what is in it for her.  Her dream date right now is to go to a Bulls' game.  It's not that she wants to see the game, but she wants to get a funnel cake.  She heard about her cousin Brenna having a funnel cake at a game she went to with her dad and now Lily wants to try one.  I've promised her one when we go to Lazy Daze.    She does not want to wait three weeks.

Anyone in the Triangle know where one can get a funnel cake besides the Fair or some other festival?