Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Evening

Yesterday was not the best day for the Chamberlains.  All of us except Noah were a little stuffy.  We think it may be from cleaning out the garage on Saturday where we kicked up some ancient dust.  At any rate, I felt a little off, Lily was stuffy and coughing, and Amanda had a sinus headache.  Amanda had a commitment to watch our 4 month-old nephew, so that left me with the kids.  No problem.

I made what is usually a very safe dinner in hot dogs and mac & cheese.  Noah was thrilled.  Lily took one bite of her mac & cheese and spit the noodles out because it was "too dry."  When she wouldn't settle down she got sent to her room for the night.  I knew she wasn't feeling well, but that was no excuse to behave like that.  We had a talk about it later.  What I found encouraging is that when Lily gets a timeout in her room she reads her Bible.  I told her that she should read her Bible when she's not feeling well, so apparently she's taking the idea to heart.

To pick up some news from previous weeks, I am glad to report that Lily's fish is doing really well.  We cleaned out the bowl last night and found that Isabella had covered the surface of the water with a bubble nest.  Keep in mind that Isabella is really a male fish.