Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Old Pasttime

Our DVD player is in its death throes, so we've been using the old PS2 to watch DVDs.  That means it is in the living room.  Over the weekend I got a binder for DVDs and put all my PS2 discs in it.  That means that my entire game library is at our fingertips in the living room.  And to Lily that means LEGO Star Wars.

Lily really enjoys the LEGO games, as any longtime reader of this blog will know.  She can do most of the episodes by herself, but there are still some challenges.  Today I found her crying and stomping her feet because she couldn't get past something.  It was driving her crazy.  The poor thing has got to learn how to bridle the temper, but now is the time to do it.  Better now than later in life!

The good news is that she and Noah are having fun with the old PS2 while we wait for the return of the Wii.  I look forward to playing a lot of those games with them.  Noah can even kind of play Burnout already.  He's way ahead of where she was at his age.  He's got good gaming genes.