Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Train

We took Lily and Noah for a ride on the Santa Train today. There is a local railroad society that puts this on. The train we were on was pulled by a steam locomotive, which was fun but smoky. The problem was that we were in an open-air car and it was in the 40s. It felt a little bit like being at a Browns game, except we didn't have to watch anyone lose.

Lily and Brenna had a great time. Noah not so much so. Part of the problem was that it was around lunchtime and he was so out of sorts that he wouldn't eat. He ended up eating a cookie on the train. He wasn't allowed to walk around while the train was in motion, so he didn't like that much either. Fortunately, Uncle Bill kept him entertained on the first half of the trip and Amanda worked with him on the second half.

We went back to the McKenzies for some homemade hot chocolate to warm up. I highly recommend this recipe, but be prepared for some very thick hot chocolate. Also be prepared to find Swiss Miss completely unappealing once you've had this.

I took Noah out with me to Moe's to get my free birthday burrito. I'm learning that you can't put him down for very long without him looking for trouble. If I had let him go he would have been in the back welcoming people to Moe's and pouring out bowls of queso. By the way, check this out if you want to get some good freebies on your birthday.

It was a fun day. I have my finals tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm ready for a break.