Sunday, September 30, 2007

On the Lake

Way back in the spring we had the idea that it would be fun to go out on Lake Crabtree. Amanda wanted me to take the sailing lessons for the sunfish sailboats, but I haven't taken the time for it. My idea was to go out on a rowboat. Besides, I figured it would give me some exercise and the weather today is what I would call perfect (mid to high 70s, blue skies, breezy).

I talked it up, packed a picnic, and took Lily to Lake Crabtree. My idea was that we would eat our lunch out on the lake, but it was a little too windy for that and the boat rocked a fair amount when I wasn't rowing. Nevertheless, we had a good time. It did of course start out a little rocky as Lily was pretty terrified of the motion in the boat as we left. I just ignored her and kept going. I think that she eventually resigned herself to her fate and eventually started to enjoy it.

I don't think it would be possible to capsize one of these rowboats. You could lose your balance and fall out of it, but I don't think that you could capsize one if you wanted to. I got some exercise in and we both had a good time. Overall, I'd say that it was $5 well-spent. Now I look forward to taking the rest of the family out on it. Maybe we can talk Grandma Judy into it next weekend?