Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday Night Lights

I took Lily to her first football game last night. We saw the Cary High Imps take on the Athens Drive Jaguars. I haven't looked up the final score, but Athens Drive was just dominating the game when we left. They converted several 3rd and longs on their first drive then Cary scored on their first drive. Cary recovered a surprised onside kick, but went 3 and out. We left about halfway through the second quarter and I believe Athens Drive was up 14-6 and driving.

Lily enjoyed eating her hotdog. She liked looking at the cheerleaders, though the Cary cheerleaders were kind of boring. I was surprised that the band didn't have a pregame show. Frankly, the Cary football team didn't seem particularly jazzed about the game. From what we could see across the field, the Athens Drive cheerleaders were more gymnastic as they practically had floor routines going on. I write about the cheerleaders because Lily was VERY interested in them.

We left because Lily was getting tired, though she didn't think so. She was paying attention to everything but the game. That was OK, but when she stepped on my toe I had enough of it. It was time to go. She ended up getting to bed just before 9, but fortunately she slept in for almost a whole hour too.

What dawned on me at the game was that most of those kids had not been born when I last attended a high school football game. I think I must have gone to at least one game in my senior year (1990). I also noticed that much of Cary has bad knees as it seemed like a lot of people had trouble climbing the bleachers.