Sunday, August 28, 2011

Carolina Girl

It all started several weeks ago while browsing the used book store as we waited for an oil change. There I discovered the book NASCAR for Dummies. As a general sports fan and an eight-year resident of North Carolina I feel like I should understand this incredibly popular sport. I got the book at the library and have been reading it. I'm not ready to put a driver's number on my back window, but I do find it interesting.

One thing I learned about was what I can only imagine is one of the most famous crashes in NASCAR history. This was in the chapter about how the cars were made. That clip is worth watching. The amazing thing is that the driver was not seriously injured. After reading about it I of course had to watch it, and the kids were around and interested. It is unquestionably spectacular. That led us to watch this video about the crashes that have changed NASCAR.

Lily was very intrigued by the idea of racing. This then led me to ESPN3 to see what auto racing they had archived. We found a replay of an Indy Racing League race in New Hampshire. Lily was so fascinated by this that she sat through 2 hours of it. Of course, she has decided that she is a big fan of Danica Patrick. After all, she is a girl who has long brown hair and she drives race cars for a living. We're not going to watch any of her GoDaddy commercials anytime soon though. It's better if Lily doesn't know, I think.

So even if racing is not in her blood, perhaps it's in the water. I suspect that she won't care about this much past today, but it made for a fun afternoon.