Friday, September 2, 2011


Anyone who has read this blog or met him knows that Noah is a gaming freak. I suppose he comes by that naturally. He loves to play the Wii and any game on the iPod Touch (or iTod Poch, if you will). If he can, he really enjoys games on an iPad. He likes the Nintendo DS and will play Angry Birds on a laptop for as long as you let him.

Lily is not so fanatical. She will play video games, but can take them or leave them. That's fine, of course. She is turning into a voracious reader, which is certainly preferable. She still likes watching videos of course.

Lately, however, she is turning into a big fan of Monopoly, Jr. She got it last year for either her birthday or for Christmas. She has started dragging Noah into the games. Fortunately, there is no skill involved in playing it. She loves being the banker and is actually pretty good at it. She will probably be ready for the real thing one of these days.

We had a family game night on Monday where we all played Monopoly, Jr. Lily ended up being the tycoon. Amanda and I figured that was fine since she cared the most. Frankly, I didn't mind being the one who went out either. But even though it is not much of a game it was some good time together as a family. We're thinking that Mondays may be family game nights. We'll see how it goes.