Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tea Party

Lily has another early release day today. That means she will be home shortly after lunchtime. This tends to be a bit of a dilemma for Amanda because it means that she gets an afternoon with Lily. As you know, that can be a recipe for disaster.

Amanda decided it would be fun to have a little distraction today. Lily got to invite her friend Jada and her sister Kamaya (not sure about the spelling, but that is it phonetically) over. Amanda said that Lily was pretty funny on the phone with the most notable line being, "Jada, I've got to tell you something..." Once she finished inviting Jada she said, "OK, now I need to talk to Kamaya." We suspect their mom will not mind having them somewhere else for the afternoon.

Lily also invited her friends Chloe and Claire from the bus stop as well as their babysitter. The three of them were disappointed when Amanda told them it would have to be another time. There were a couple of reasons for this. One is that the babysitter is hardly authorized to have a tea party at someone's house. The other is that Amanda wants to put a limit on the number of simultaneous guests for these tea parties. They will do it another time.

Meanwhile, Noah has his 15 month checkup today. It was supposed to be closer to his actual 15 month birthday, but we had to go to Pennsylvania. I hope to post news of his appointment as well as the tea party tomorrow.