Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Duo

Yesterday went fairly well. I took all 3 kids out to run an errand and kill some time all morning. We started at my seminary library, which was actually very fun for the girls as they chased each other around the stacks. Fortunately, no one else was there.

From there we went across the street to the Harris Teeter. I didn't have too many groceries to buy, but it was good for killing time. Our next stop was the music store so I could get some new guitar strings. Lily created a game where she hid a couple of hair clips in the store and wanted Brenna to find them. Brenna was completely disinterested, but did get upset when Lily told her that she would feed the hairclips to the monsters. Being an only child myself, I find it fascinating to watch these psychological torture games.

After that we went over to Petsmart for Doggie Day Camp. Brenna wasn't into it as much as I'd hoped, but everyone still had fun looking at dogs, cats, birds, fish, and snakes. Someone was there holding a bearded lizard and all the kids got to touch it. Lily is getting a lot more brave.

We walked over to the Lifeway and killed more time. Since the girls were behaving so well we stopped at Quiznos for a bag of chips and then headed over to Play N' Trade to see if I could use the coupon I downloaded.

We finally arrived back home at lunchtime and both girls ate a good lunch, which was a happy surprise. Noah was fussy because he dozed off in the van on the way back home. Who could blame him? It was a beautiful sunny day and I was driving with the windows down. I could have dozed off myself!

The afternoon went pretty well too, as did dinner. They took a bath together. The only problem with that was when Lily loaded Brenna's hair down with shampoo. That took a lot of rinsing to get out, but we did it. Finally, they bedded down before 7:30, but separately this time. Brenna did some crying for her mommy and daddy, but Auntie Dee talked her down.

We plan to do a picnic today after church. We'll see how that goes...