Monday, February 21, 2011

Soccer Game

One of Noah's friends from preschool has a brother Lily's age who recently had an appendectomy. We volunteered to watch Noah's friend Scott to help them out for a few hours. He came over around 10:00 and we took advantage of the beautiful day.

First, I took Lily to the grocery to get some picnic supplies. She really didn't want to go and I ended up having to bribe her with Cheetos. That's a little bit sad for me since she used to be my faithful companion. That mantle has fallen to Noah and I don't know how long it will last, but I'm going to keep at it.

Once we had our supplies we went over to North Cary Park for our picnic. Everyone enjoyed the picnic and fortunately Noah forgot that I told him we could bring juice boxes. Then the kids played in the playground for a while. After they got bored with that we moved up to the soccer fields. They chased the ball around for a while and then moved back to the playground.

I don't know about how Scott was, but Noah was ready to sleep at 7:00 last night. Lily was too for that matter. More soccer, we say!