Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting Bugged

Lily was up at 6:30 this morning because she saw a bug in her room. She happened to wake up and since she had turned on her night light she was able to see a bug on the wall. Amanda was up to do her exercise video and told Lily to go to our room to sleep. The weather has been warming up and we have spotted some tree roaches in the house already. I have not had a chance to spray yet. These things happen.

After I put Lily to bed I was sitting in the basement doing some homework when I heard the telltale sound of Lily's feet running through the main floor. I knew what was coming. She saw the bug again. I came up with her and grabbed a tissue ready to do battle with a big tree roach. After all, those things are quick and tough to kill without making a big splat.

Lily told me that the bug was still on the wall and it was behind a small wicker bookshelf she has. I was starting to plot my strategy because the last thing I wanted was for the tree roach to end up in the closet, under the bed, or some other difficult to reach place.

It turns out all that all the fuss was for a 1/2 inch long silverfish.  She hates bugs of all sorts. I just wish that her reaction was proportional to the size of the bug. Then again, when she does see a roach in her room it will likely sound like something out of a slasher movie.