Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sleepy Boy

Noah has been acting a little tired lately. On Monday Amanda found him on the couch asleep with a Wii controller in his hand. That's certainly unlike him as the Wii usually keeps him riveted and excited. Then yesterday he put himself to bed after dinner. He went up to his room and Amanda found him at 6:30 asleep on his bed with a lit flashlight in his hand. He woke up around 9:00, so Amanda changed him and had him go potty.

You can imagine my surprise when I came home from class, saw that the light was on upstairs, and heard a little voice say "hi" in response to my hello.  He was pretty jazzed up when I found him, but he did go to sleep once we put him to bed.

Amanda and I are both going to be sleepy today because of the wind we had last night. It was rattling one of our shutters that I clearly need to screw down. It also was banging the branches of a tree into the side of our house. I ended up giving up and getting up at 4:00 since I wasn't going to sleep anyway. I have had a nice morning with leisurely time to read my Bible and go running. I figured that I'd better since I'm going to need a nap at lunchtime.