Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Read to Me

We had a dream come true Sunday morning. When Noah goes into his class at church they give the parents a sheet that explains the lesson and where you can find it in the Bible. It even gives page numbers for The Beginner's Bible, which is what Lily got as a gift when she graduated from preschool. Lily noticed this Sunday morning and decided to look up Noah's passage. However, they didn't get through it before breakfast was ready.

It thrilled me to hear them excitedly go back upstairs to read after breakfast. In fact, Noah was yelling, "read the Bible to me, Lily!" That's music to our ears.

Amanda said that last night Noah was saying some of the words on the page she read. Apparently he is starting to really learn his Big Picture Story Bible. This is good because he doesn't seem to be listening when we read it. There is a page that explains how Jesus was foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament. When I ask him to point out Jesus he typically just points to the outlines of each illustration and says, "circle, circle, circle..." He seems to be getting it though.

This is one of those times where it feels like our intentionality with reading the Bible to the kids is paying off. Connecting the dots will be the Holy Spirit's work, but at least we're pointing them in the right direction.