Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunny Days

We had a busy family day on Monday.  It started with a doughnut run to Kroger.  At first I was disappointed that the doughnut selection looked old and they were really picked-over.  Then a woman came out from the bakery with trays and trays of fresh doughnuts!  We really enjoyed them.

Then we went to Lake Crabtree for some time on the water.  We rented a pedalboat.  Amanda and Lily did most of the work while I dealt with Noah crying about sunscreen in his eyes.  I made the mistake of putting the wrong kind of sunscreen on his face.  After washing his eyes with water about 2 dozen times he just got into the habit of whining.  Nevertheless, it was a good time and then we had a nice picnic.

Next we went over to the McKenzies' and the ladies took the kids to the pool while Bill did yardwork and I read a book for class (I also squeezed in a nap).  We ended our time there with some Dickey's BBQ.  It was a good day and the kids were really tuckered-out when we got home, as was Amanda.

Yesterday was also a good day.  Amanda did a bunch of baking and had a good day with Noah.  Hopefully today goes just as well.  Our bowling shoes should be coming in the mail soon and then Amanda will take advantage of the Kids Bowl Free promotion we signed up for this year.