Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Man

After a brief setback a month or so ago we are trying to press forward once again with Noah and the potty.  Saturday night I left him in his underpants for bedtime instead of his nightly diaper.  He had been doing so well that I thought we should try again.  It's gone well for three consecutive nights.  One thing I have done differently is change his teeth brushing routine slightly.  I used to give him a few sips of water after he brushed his teeth, but have stopped doing that.  It seems to be helping.

Not only is he sleeping in big-boy pants, but we are working on peeing standing up.  So far it's a pretty messy process as he isn't quite sure what to do, but he is into it.  We realized that this was not something we could force, so I just kept asking him if he wanted to try.  Eventually he did.

It's going to be great when he can pull his pants up on his own.  I can see a day coming in the not too distant future when Lily and Noah each go to the bathroom by themselves.  I hate to wish away time and I want to enjoy Noah while he is particularly sweet, but I really won't miss these trips to the bathroom when we're out and about somewhere.  I would welcome correction on this point from any parent out there who has been completely through potty training.