Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Trip

We took a trip up to Watkins Glen for Noah's birthday. We had quite the trip. On the Monday we took Nana and Grandpa on a death march through the Gorge Trail. This included a little over 800 steps. The kids did pretty well, though there was some carrying involved. Lily did climb her fair share of steps. The views made it completely worthwhile.

Below you can find a photo from Noah's birthday celebration picnic on Monday:

We had a busy, but a little bit disappointing day on Tuesday. We had hoped to hike Robert Treman park, but it was raining. We ended up going to Wells so Amanda could show Lily her alma mater. Lily was suitably impressed. We ended Tuesday with a nice dinner including some giant marshmallows brought by the Pierces' old neighbor Bruce.

We split up today after breaking camp. The Pierces went home and we finally got in the hike at Robert Treman, You can see one of the waterfalls below. We finished up the day with a little walking tour of Ithaca and some shopping on the Commons.

It was a good trip and a nice visit, but it's time to go home. My next dispatch should be from the home computer.  Here are a couple of bonus pics with the kids: