Saturday, June 5, 2010


We took the kids camping last night at Jordan Lake as sort of a practice for future camping.  We had a lovely spot that was about 50 feet from the water.  We had a space big enough to accommodate our tent, which I have affectionately named Tentasaurus. It rained just a tiny bit right around bedtime, but not enough to get anything wet.  Overall, we had a good time.  There were a few problems though.

One was that everything in the area is slightly damp from the humidity and all the rain we've had.  The firewood I bought at the campground was not very well seasoned and it was very difficult to get a good fire going.  We did manage to roast hot dogs and make nutella s'mores though.  This was also a pain in the morning as we planned on eating pudgie pies (or hobo pies).  We did manage eventually.

The other problem was Noah.  He's not used to sleeping with someone else.  Once it became clear that he was not going to sleep well with Lily she and I swapped spaces.  I woke up many times with little feet digging into my back.  He's quite a dynamic sleeper, as most 3 year-olds are.

Finally, it was hot.  You kind of expect that when you camp near Raleigh in June.  It was still cooler than the time Amanda and I camped in Baja Honda in the Florida Keys for her birthday.  It was still very nice to get into the van and crank up the A/C when it was time to go.

Our next adventure will be at Watkins Glen when we visit Grandpa Jack and Nana.  After that we may take a weekend trip up to the mountains to check out Linville Falls and anything else we can.

Incidentally, I asked Noah what his favorite thing about camping was.  He liked doing somersaults on the air mattress in the morning.  He actually could go all the way over.  He and Lily had a great time in Tentasaurus.  Hopefully it's the first of many.