Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Turn

The great storm of 2010 continues to affect us.  Lily is off school today, which means that she has had 3 consecutive days off of school.  I heard about today's closure from a coworker through an email which I read during a break in class last night.  I dropped my Blackberry on the table which made a few people say, "uh-oh, what's up?"  We're all ready for her to go back to school.  She's actually been fairly good, but keeping her busy during the day can get old.

We continue to press on with the potty training.  We got the potty chair out yesterday.  Noah sat on it for about 45 minutes while I played various flavors of Pac-Man.  He smelled pretty bad, but still no poop.  Amanda said that he sat on it for a whole episode of Thomas last night, but still no poop.  He's pretty good about going potty when we tell him to except when he first wakes up in the morning and after a nap.  Today seemed a little better as it only took about 5 minutes to wait him out.

Meanwhile, it is my turn to be sick. I spent some time bowing at the throne last night around midnight.  Fortunately I didn't have the continued dry heaves like the kids.  I feel a little rough today from being generally weak and tired, but I think I'll be able to get through the day while working from home.

We're ready for this week to end.